The Company believes that its business should be founded on 3 key components that encompass our commitment to all stakeholders. Improvements are still being made to organisational coherence, proper internal procedures, regular checks and balances, performance and efficiencies. The 3 key components are:

  • Health and Safety;
  • Environmental Protection, Management and Monitoring; and
  • Corporate Social Responsibility.


Safety and Health Programs have been implemented at all our sites to manage the Safety and Health of all personnel working on those sites. These programs go beyond compliance with existing regulations with its continuous reviews and policy amendments.

The majority of the people involved in our operations and projects are based at the Philsaga Mining Corporation sites, which includes site contractors and suppliers.

These Safety and Health programs include:

  • General Safety and Health rules and specialised work rules for handling hot works, lifting activities, etc;
  • Provision of Management and Employee Safety Training to ensure competency on safe work practices;
  • Regular and comprehensive medical surveillance to monitor the health conditions of personnel reporting and leaving work;
  • Refresher Courses for Employees assigned in relatively high-risk designations;
  • Systematic planned inspections in order address unsafe conditions in all workplaces;
  • Comprehensive emergency preparedness planning, monthly training, and programming at mine and mill sites, including quarterly fire and earthquake responsiveness drills;
  • Hazard prevention and control, through improved hazard awareness training, program of workplace inspections, Job Hazard Analyses, thorough investigation of incidents, continual communication with the workforce, and implementation of the corrective/improvement actions;
  • Continued regular training for the Emergency Response Team (“ERT”) e.g. chemical spill, mine rescue and firefighting, with the teams participating in annual national competitions;
  • Development and implementation of a system and operational audits; and
  • Greater focus on completion of improvement action plans.


Co-O Gold Project Environmental Conditions

The Company’s Co-O Gold Mine with its own processing plant has established its environmental management strategies to comply with the mandates of the relevant regulating bodies. The continual mining operation, though expanding to different levels, has only minimal surface disturbed areas. The Company’s environmental protection and enhancement program and environmental mitigating measures ensured that the tenement’s land, air and water resources were responsibly managed.
The Company’s thrust to reduce its carbon footprint is continuously conducted. At the end of 2019, a total of 1,755 hectare - plantation was established with 1,102,671 seedlings planted. The established plantation is estimated to sequester 189,804.64 tonnes of carbon, which compensates 2019’s carbon emission of 47,990.59 tonnes of CO2 emission from the mill and mine operations. The land resource rehabilitation effort was conducted not only at the direct impact areas within the tenement but also in host and neighbouring communities

Land Resource Management

In the recent year, the company established 140 - hectare fruit tree plantation at Brgy. Bayugan 3, Rosario, and Brgy. Consuelo, Bunawan, all in Agusan del Sur. Grafted Rambutan (Nephelium lappaceum), Lansones (Lansium domesticum), Durian (Durio zebithenus) were planted at the established sites.
One of the major collaborations the Local Government Unit took off this year in line with Philippine Government’s Adopt-a-Watershed Program, which aims to preserve and protect the locality’s water source. The 20 – hectare buffer zone at Maputi Watershed in Rosario, Agusan del Sur, was planted with indigenous forest trees such as white lauan (Shorea contorta) and Molave (Vitex parviflora) to enhance plant density at the proposed watersheds. This program covers the plantation establishment and plantation maintenance activities for the next three years. While within the Company’s tenements, enhancement planting, slope stabilisation and landscaping works are continuously managed.

Water Resource Management

Adopt-a-Creek Program
In support to the Environmental Management Bureau’s flagship program in the protection of the water bodies, the Company subscribes to its Adopt-a-Creek Program by adopting three water bodies traversing within the mill and mine operation as well as to its adjacent areas namely- Agsao Creek, Bayugan 3 Creek and Co-O Creek. Activities to maintain and enhance water quality includes creek clean up and riparian enhancement by planting narra and bamboo along the embankment or the waterbody. Information Education Communication (IEC) campaigns were conducted to the community and/resident near the water body to reiterate the value of water resources.



The company continued its commitment to provide opportunities to less privileged students from its host and neighbouring communities who wish to pursue their tertiary courses.
The program provides assistance to scholars through Full Scholarship grants, Half Scholarship grants and Educational Assistance.
Several of the scholars that graduated have chosen to work as teachers at Philsaga High School Foundation. Some were also invited to work for either PMC or MMPRC. This is an excellent overall result for the individuals, their families, the local communities and the Company.


Supplemental Feeding
PMC and MMPRC through their Social Development and Management Program conducted Supplemental Feeding which benefits 60 undernourished children aged less than 12 months old. The activity was conducted with the coordination of the Municipal Nutrition Officer of Bunawan and Rural Health Unit Office of the municipality.

Medical Mission
The Company continued to support the Annual Medical Outreach Activities conducted in Barangay Bayugan 3 in partnership with the Rural Health Unit of Rosario. These services include providing Medical Consultation, Dental Extraction and Health Profiling. Over 800 members from the community have benefitted from the ongoing free medical consultation and medicines provided by Philsaga Mining Hospital.

Enterprise Development and Networking

PMC’s and MMPRC’s Livelihood Programs are focused on building partnerships, empowering individuals, and promoting stakeholder accountability to help build self-reliant and sustainable communities. Projects implemented under the Livelihood Program vary from animal husbandry and agronomy to establishing cooperatives for small-scale trading. This allows stakeholders the opportunity to mature as self sufficient entrepreneurs while improving on their business acumen with the support of technical expertise provided or facilitated by the Company.

These programs involve working with local, regional and national authorities, local associations and local people to assist them in developing knowledge and skills to establish small businesses.

This includes providing training in value formation, business enterprise development, project management, simple bookkeeping and specialised production and business training.

New businesses assisted this year include coconut plantation, water refilling station, tilapia production, Agrifarm input and farm machinery rentals and land rental.

Infrastructure Development and Support Services

PMC and MMPRC have supported programs that have improved the infrastructure and facilities within the communities surrounding the operations. In addition to previously mentioned projects the Company has assisted in;

  • The establishment of water system at Barangay’s San Andres, Nueva Era, Bunawan Brook & Imelda all in Bunawan, Agusan del Suro. Since the facility is being established, water service expansion will serve to at least 758 households. Other households not connected have been provided access to stand posts for water are installed in every Puroks.
  • Solar Drier being constructed in Purok 7 Barangay Imelda, BADS. The Solar Drier will be utilised by the farmers within the community for drying their palay and corn product.
Established Plantation within Tenement
Established Plantation within Tenement
Water Quality Monitoring
Water Quality Monitoring