Shareholder Communications Policy

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1.1 The Board recognises the important rights of its Shareholders and strives to effectively communicate with Shareholders clearly and effectively.
1.2 The purpose of the Shareholder Communications Policy (“Policy”) is to promote effective communication with shareholders and encourage effective participation at General Meetings.
1.3 The Policy endorses the Australian Securities Exchange (“ASX”) Corporate Governance Council’s Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations (third edition) released in March 2014.
1.4 In accordance with the disclosure requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 and the ASX Listing Rules, the three main forms of information disclosure are as follows:

(a) continuous disclosure – this is the core disclosure obligation and primary method of informing the market and shareholders;
(b) periodic disclosure – in the form of quarterly, half-yearly and annual reports; and
(c) specific information disclosure – on an, as and when required basis of administrative and corporate details, usually in the form of ASX or media releases.

1.5 It is the responsibility of the Company Secretary to ensure that:

(a) materials detailed in this Policy are available on the Medusa Mining Limited (the “Company” or “Medusa”) website within a reasonable timeframe;
(b) shareholder communications are distributed to shareholders in accordance with the Corporations Act and the ASX Listing Rules; and
(c) the Policy is updated and maintained as required.

1.6 The following methods of communication will be available to shareholders:

(a) telephone;
(b) mail;
(c) email;
(d) facsimile; and
(e) Medusa’s website (

1.7 Shareholders may also elect to receive information from, and make contact with, the Company and its share registry. Contact details for the Company and the share registry are set out on the Company’s website.


2.1 Medusa makes announcements to the ASX in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules.
2.2 All announcements made to the ASX are available to shareholders:
(a) under the Newsroom section on the Medusa website (under ‘ASX Announcements’);
(b) under the Company Announcements section of the ASX website; or
(c) by email notification (when shareholders provide the company with a request to be included on the mailing list of all announcements to the ASX).


3.1 For all share related enquiries, shareholders should contact, the company’s share registry managers, Computershare Investor Services
Computershare Investor Services
Level 11, 172 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000
Telephone: 61 (08) 9323 2000
Facsimile: 61 (08) 9323 2033
Investor Enquiries: 1300 557 010


4.1 If shareholders wish to amend any of their details on the company’s Share Register they will need to complete the appropriate form and send it to Computershare Investor Services.
Forms available include:
• Address Change Notification Advice;
• Annual Report Election and Email Notification; and
• Tax File Number or Australian Business Number Notification.
4.2 If shareholders require new forms they should contact Computershare Investor Services.


5.1 The Annual General Meeting (“AGM”) is held in Perth, Western Australia in October or November each year.
5.2 The date, time and location of the AGM will be detailed:

(a) in the Notice of AGM, which accompanies the Annual Reports that is distributed to all shareholder in October each year; and
(b) on the Medusa website;
Alternatively, shareholders can contact Computershare Investor Services or the Company to obtain this information.

5.3 The Notice of AGM will be distributed to all shareholders prior to the AGM pursuant to the timeframe set by the Corporations Act.
The full text of the Notice of Meeting will also be available under the Corporate Governance section on the Medusa website.
5.4 A proxy form allowing shareholders to appoint a proxy in the event they cannot attend the AGM will accompany the Notice of Meeting distributed to all shareholders.
5.5 At the AGM, shareholders can ask question about or comment on the management and/or on the conduct of the audit and preparation of the auditor’s report.


6.1 The financial results of the half-year ended 31 December are reported in March each year. The financial results for the full-year ended 30 June are reported in September each year.
6.2 As the half-year and full-year results are announced to the ASX pursuant to the Listing Rules, they will be available to shareholders in the same manner as other ASX Announcements (see ASX Announcements).
6.3 The results are also accessible via the Newsroom section on the Medusa website (under ‘Half-Yearly Reports’ and ‘Annual Reports’).


7.1 The Annual Report contains key financial information about Medusa, as well as important operating and corporate information.
7.2 Unless the Company’s share registry managers, Advanced Share Registry (see details in clause 3) has been notified otherwise, the Annual Report will be sent to all shareholders (at the address recorded on the Medusa Share Register) prior to the AGM within the timeframe set by the Corporations Act.
7.2 Shareholders can elect not to receive an Annual Report or elect to be notified by email when the Annual Report is available on the Medusa website. For either of these to occur, a shareholder must complete an Annual Report Election and Email Notification form available from the Medusa Share Registry or under the Corporate section of the Medusa website (under ‘Shareholder Information’).
7.3 The Annual Report for the current year and previous years is available under the Newsroom section on the Medusa website (under ‘Annual Reports’).
7.5 Shareholders can also contact the Company if they require a copy of the Annual Report, which will be mailed free of charge.


8.1 In accordance with Recommendation 6.1 of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principles of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations, Medusa has a Corporate Governance section on the Medusa website.
8.2 The Annual Corporate Governance Statement is prepared in accordance with the ASX Listing Rules.
It is contained in the Annual Report each year and is also available under the Corporate Governance section of the Medusa website.
8.3 In accordance with recommendation 1.1 of the ASX Corporate Governance Council’s Principals of Good Corporate Governance and Best Practice Recommendations, Medusa has a formal Board Charter, containing details of the functions and responsibilities of the Medusa Board.
8.4 The following documents and policies are also available in the “Corporate” section on the Company’s website:

(a) Medusa’s Constitution;
(b) Corporate Governance Statement;
(c) Board Charter;
(d) Code of Conduct;
(e) Continuous Disclosure Policy;
(f) Audit Committee Charter;
(g) Remuneration Committee Charter;
(h) Nomination Committee Charter;
(i) Safety Health and Environment Committee Charter
(j) Share Trading Policy;
(k) Shareholder Communication Policy; and
(l) Risk Management Policy.


9.1 Access to Medusa media releases is available under the Newsroom section on the Medusa website (under ‘Latest News’) and are released to the market via the ASX, if required.


10.1 Substantial and beneficial owners of Medusa shares are encouraged to contact the Company to arrange the direct receipt of shareholder materials.

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