Calendar Year 2013

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 Calendar Year: 2013

Date Details
09 Dec New Sag Mill Update – Powercells
29 Nov Appendix 3Z Final Directors notice – Geoffrey John Davis
29 Nov Cancellation of Unquoted Securities
22 Nov Operations Update – Powercells
22 Nov Results of Annual General Meeting
22 Nov Retiring Chairman’s Address
22 Nov Retirement and Appointment of Chairman
22 Nov Chairman’s Address at AGM
11 Nov Typhoon Haiyan
08 Nov Investor Presentation November 2013 – Morgan Stanley 12th Annual Asia Pacific Summit
29 Oct Quarterly Report September 2013
23 Oct SAG Mill Update
18 Oct Notice of Meeting 2013 and Proxy Form
18 Oct Annual Report 2013
04 Sep Operations Update – New Mill and Level 8
27 Aug Appendix 4E and Annual Report 2013
27 Aug Full Year Results 2013
08 Aug Mineral Reserve & Resource Update August 2013
05 Aug Cancellation of Unquoted Securities
31 July Quarterly Report June 2013
08 July Co-O Operations Update
21 Jun Co-O Mill Expansion Project Managers Appoint Administrators
12 Jun Share Price Query from ASX
31 May Retirement and Appointment of CFO
16 May Change of Directors Interest notice Appendix 3y – Andrew Boon San Teo
06 May Change of Directors Interest notice Appendix 3y – Geoffrey Davis
06 May Change of Directors Interest notice Appendix 3y – Robert Weinberg
02 May Change of Directors Interest notice Appendix 3y – Peter Hepburn Brown
30 Mar Quarterly Report for March
16 Apr MD to Present at Proactive Investors Forum London
12 Apr Investor Presentation April 2013 at European Gold Forum Zurich, Europe and UKRoadshows
09 Apr Bananghilig Gold Deposit Scoping Study
08 Apr Co-O Mine And Mill Expansion Update
02 Apr Bananghilig Gold Deposit Sterilisation Drilling Update
27 Feb Highlights of Half Year Results December 2012
21 Feb Co-O Drilling Update
30 Jan Quarterlies Activities Report December 2012
29 Jan Bananghilig Deposit Mineral Resource Update
24 Jan New Board Appointments