Community Benefits


Philsaga since 2001, in association with its other subsidiary Companies, has established an enviable record in the local communities in which it operates. This record is acknowledged by municipal and regional governments, and at a national level.

The vision of Philsaga is:

“To see the Filipino people improve their quality of life by addressing the unmet basic needs of the people at the provincial and village levels with special emphasis on the youth and the environment, by providing scholarship to the poor and deserving students, by assisting them in their livelihood and for uplifting their social and economic needs”.



Since 2001, Philsaga Mining Corporation has established an enviable record in the local communities in which it operates. This record is acknowledged by municipal and regional governments, and at a national level.

It is the Company’s objective to build on this record and strengthen reciprocal relationships between the Company and other organisations and the communities in which it operates


“Through all our education initiatives, it is pleasing to report that about 10,000 students are enrolled at the schools supported by the Company.”


The Company has provided scholarship programs, both from the Social Development and Management Program (SDMP) and Corporation Social Responsibility (CSR) which commenced in 2003, has continued strongly during the year:

  • Full education scholarships currently support over 41 students;
  • Half scholarships support to 4 students;
  • Educational assistance to 31 students.

Company schools and Adopt-a-School program

During the year, the Company supported the Philsaga High School Foundation at the Co-O Mill site and the Upper Co-O Elementary School at the Co-O Mine. In addition, it continued its “adopt–a-school” program in which 22 schools participated. Corporate sponsorship also assisted in achieving its aims.

The following were achieved:

  • Supported the salaries and wages, and meals of all teachers and workers of Philsaga High School Foundation, including the Master’s degree courses undertaken by some of the teachers and guidance counsellors. The Company also provided for school chairs, books and other necessities for the additional three grade levels imposed by the new educational program of the national government;
  • Provided funds for the school preparation of 23 schools prior to opening of classes, as well as school materials to the school children;
  • Provided monthly honoraria to 43 teacher’s salaries and support for training seminars for teachers to upgrade their teaching skills, as well as provision of instructional materials;
  • In conjunction with its partner agencies, provided school supplies for students;
  • Provided two daily return bus services for high school students from remote areas to attend high school; and
  • Provided monthly honoraria to day care workers of various communities.

After the earthquake in Cebu and Bohol, as well as the super typhoon Yolanda (Internationally known as “Typhoon Haiyan”) that hit the Provinces of Leyte and Samar on November 8, 2013 (the strongest recorded tropical cyclone in the country’s history), the Company had undertaken the repair of buildings and will provide for school materials to 3 schools, located at Municipality of Palo, Leyte, Municipality of Guiuan, Eastern Samar, and Municipality of Loon, Bohol. The Company committed to spend Php 1 million each for the 3 schools. The turn-over of the rehabilitated schools at Palo, Leyte as well as Loon, Bohol was scheduled on 1 September, 2014.

Please Click here to view the article published on the Inquirer website, Mindanao Philippines, whereby Philsaga Mining Corporation has assisted Bohol School which was damaged by the recent earthquake.


Rubber tree plantation 

The Company provides interest free loans in the form of rubber tree seedlings and other inputs to indigenous landowners for the establishment of rubber plantations that provide income for 50-60 years from around year seven. A total of 401.5 hectares have been planted using seedlings generated in the Company’s own nurseries

Rice production financing

This project has continued through the year aimed at progressively developing debt free farming communities through the provision of financing arrangements to qualified farmers. The program is in its ninth cropping season and is extending assistance to over 100 beneficiaries covering 100 hectares of rice farms.

Added to this, the rice yield for each hectare financed is purchased by the Company at a price higher than prevailing market prices. These rice yield are milled and the produce distributed to all its regular employees, the police and military units around the area and the various tribal communities in the host communities.



The Company continued to provide assistance with a number of community-based projects.

Teacher training

The Company continued to support salaries for volunteer teachers as well as teacher training to improve teacher knowledge and skills in conjunction with the Department of Education for the additional K9 to K12 programme.

Honoraria to Teachers and Day care centre workers

Support was provided for day care centres which cater for children below six years old. The Company continues to provide honoraria to teachers and day care workers, and providing school supplies and instructional materials.

Community health

The Company provides general health and dental services to its employees and dependants, as well as residents of surrounding communities and nearby municipalities.

In addition to the 16 bed hospital at the Co-O Mine site, the Company provides a clinic at the mill site for employees and local residents.

Fruit tree programs

The adoption of four sitios (or small villages) aims to provide a sustainable livelihood by planting of fruit trees suitable in the area. The programs have the technical support of the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Trade and Industry conducts various financial seminars.

Institutional partnering

The Company partners with various local government departments such as Department of Social Work and Development, Department of Labour and Employment, Department of Trade and Industry, Department of Agriculture and Department of Education to achieve common goals. The same goes for various indigenous cultural communities.

The Company has likewise created an informal partnership with Caraga State University by means of supporting all its environmental and bio-diversity studies, monitoring and geo-tagging of the flora and fauna found in the mill and mine sites.

Non-government organisation partnering

The Company continues to provide assistance to

  • An orphanage for boys aged 6 to 17 years where support is provided for the boys to develop small business skills; and
  • Care for the Elderly Foundation Inc. which provides comfort for residents and supports 5 staff.

These Foundations care for the abandoned or sick senior members of the community, orphaned or neglected children, children of indigenous people who have been deserted by their families and a group of talented and skilled handicapped associates.

Support to the Livelihood Programs of the Union

The Company has provided funds for the livelihood programs of the Union (Philsaga Employees Labor Union-PTGWO), in conjunction with the Department of Labour and Employment, such as tailoring and water purifying. It has also funded the construction of a 3-storey building to house, the tailoring, the water purifying station and commissary to sell goods, items and food at low profit margin.

 Support to the Flood Victims

Agusan del Sur suffers a great amount of rainfall every year, and there are times when the rains cause excessive flooding. The Company has provided for rescue boat engines as well as relief goods to the host municipalities, and other surrounding municipalities.

Subsequent to super typhoon Yolanda, almost Php 2 million was given to various organisations that will provide relief goods to the flood victims at the Provinces of Leyte and Samar.

Support to the Peace and Order

The Company has provided funds for the repair of vehicles, provided fuel to vehicles, food and building materials to the various police and military units to maintain the peace and order situation in the Caraga Region.

Mining Firm Leads Mangrove Reforestation

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The Company is one of the largest tax payers in the district and the province of Agusan del Sur and also pays a 1% gross royalty on gold production to indigenous groups.

The Company has a strong policy of “buy and manufacture locally” whenever possible for the provision of goods and services to the project to maximise the multiplier effect locally.