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Philsaga’s assets are located in Central Eastern Mindanao in the Republic of the Philippines and are accessed by the national highway via an approximate 3.0 hour drive north of Davao City.  Project areas and the Co-O mill site and mine are located on the eastern side of the highway and are accessible through a network of all weather gravel roads.  

The project  comprises 410 km2 of tenements which cover approximately 70km of strike length.

Loading Ore into loading Pocket 8L
Loading ore into loading pocket 8L

Infrastructure and Facilities

The  Co-O Mill has capacity of approximately 2,500tpd was commissioned in the March quarter 2014 as a conventional gold mill, comprising a single stage jaw crusher, SAG mill and conventional Carbon-In-Leach (“CIL”) circuit, with a gravity gold & intense cyanide leach system.  Tailings are treated and thickened before discharge to a multi-celled tails storage facility.

The Co-O Mine is a shaft access, underground track mine, utilising battery powered locomotives and 1.2 tonne mine cars. Ore and waste are mined using air-leg mining and is extracted from the mine via the main L8 Production Shaft, two 60-degree inclined shafts; Baguio and Agsao, and through the original portals. Diagram 2 is a representative drawing of the primary infrastructure of the Co-O mine. The primary Levels from 1 to 9 normally average 1,000 meters from West to East. Levels are developed 50 meters apart vertically, putting Level 8 approximately 450 meters below surface. There are four winzes operating between Level 8 and Level 9 with three of these also servicing Level 10. Another winze is being developed from Level 8 to service Levels 9, 10, 11 and 12. When complete the other winzes will be systematically deepened to also service Levels 11 and 12.

The E15 Shaft, a new man and materials shaft, is being developed from the surface to Level 10. The sinking and excavation portion of the was completed during the year and is now being fitted out, commissioning of the shaft is expected to be completed in late 2018. When operational the E15 Shaft will transport the majority men and materials underground enabling the L8 Shaft to be utilised more for hoisting of rock.

Ore is hauled from the Co-O Mine to the Co-O Mill by 30 tonne dump trucks. A dedicated power line supplies predominantly hydro-generated power to the mine and mill.

The other associated facilities include administration offices and assay laboratory, a warehouse, mechanical and machine shops, messing and accommodation facilities and geological offices and core storage facilities.

Co-O Processing Plant  –  Click here to view larger image

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